Handmade Ruffle Christmas Tree Skirt (with Upcycled Lace)

I wanted to post this some weeks back and I know Christmas is over but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a start on a ruffle Christmas tree skirt between now and next Christmas! I wish I planned that far ahead.

Anyways, this sweet tree skirt was made using muslin and lace. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on lace so I went to the thrift store and bought lace curtains. I cut the muslin and lace up into long, 3 inch strips. I pinned each ruffle down and sewed each with my sewing machine. This took several hours to do, but it was fun! I added some thick, double-sided satin ribbon for the ties and there you have it.

I am in no way a professional seamstress and this was my very first tree skirt, not to mention my first time making and sewing ruffles.  I am pretty pleased with how this came out. I encourage others do make similar skirts and to totally utilize items at thrift stores to save money and to “upcycle”.

I was going to keep this skirt but I ended up posting it for sale on Etsy because I wanted a red ruffled one (think red petticoat!).ImageImage




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